Based in Toronto, Ontario, PAONE is a home for professionals who are committed to meaningful arts education within their organizations and communities.

As a member-driven service organization, we provide networking and professional development opportunities.  We advocate for the value of arts education and strive to elevate the broader standards in arts education practice.

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PAONE began in 1992 when a group of professional arts education administrators from five organizations met to discuss their work. They shared challenges of developing and maintaining education programs and they wanted to create a foundation of shared resources and support for each other.

Fast forward to current day, PAONE represents more than 25 professional arts organizations, with over 60 individual members who all share a commitment to arts education.

Our current members represent organizations and independent artists of all disciplines – dance, theatre, music, opera, film, and more. We host networking and professional development events for our members, issue regular newsletters and create partnerships to advance and advocate for stronger and more sustainable arts education programs in Ontario.

Those working in arts education confront a spectrum of challenges related to the life-long learning within arts organizations. We are committed to supporting the growth and development of the programming and professionals in the sector.