Top 4 Highlights from Discover Dance 

  1. Ashley Perez, aka Colours: An incredible, energetic dancer, Ashley Perez wowed the audience with her ‘Whacking/Waacking’ demonstration. Ashley also rose up to the challenge presented by Discover Dance’s host, Nova Bhattacharya, to move in slow motion against upbeat music so that the audience could appreciate all of her intricate and detailed movements. After a short workshop, the audience was up and dancing, too!

  2. Discussion with Rachel Robbins, Education and Engagement Manager at TO Live- Rachel talked about how TO Live launched Discover Dance in Jan 2018 in partnership with Nova Dance, supported by the Toronto Arts Council. Discover Dance happens once a month at both Toronto Centre for the Arts (Uptown) and Sony Centre (Downtown) and has been funded by a grant for two years. She provided an overview of the community engagement strategy around this program and the successes and challenges that have come up over the last year.

  3. Community Engagement Dialogue­- The question was posed: In your organization, how do you see the difference between community engagement and audience development? We broke into smaller groups and discussed the ways in which different organizations approach these concepts. Ending the hour back in a full-group discussion, the discussion centered around articulating why our organizations prioritize community engagement and how to engage community in a meaningful and authentic way.

  4. Resources:
    Below are some Community Engagement resources that were shared during our discussion around community engagement.

    Arts Engage:

    Big Thought:

    Tamarack Institute:

    Animating Democracy: